Like everyone, I’m not resistant to hearing the word No from time to time, however lately I have been paying more attention to what it means to hear No.

Every time I hear No, it opens me up to what I want and what I don’t want. I look at it as if the universe is saying, “Nope, this ain’t it. You’ll thank me later!”

I haven’t always had that mentality. I used to feel as though a No was a personal attack on me. Like it was some sort of reflection of me not being good enough, or smart enough, or likeable.

It was a form of rejection, and no one likes to be rejected.

Then I got real with myself and realized that it isn’t always about me. Sometimes it’s about them. But it’s also about realizing that the Universe is on my side, and those moments are just helping me stay aligned and in tune with exactly where I should be and who I should be there with.

Recently I wrote a guest blog post called “Why She Left”. I submitted that post to two other sites before Elephant Journal posted it and that post has received more positive feedback than all of my other posts combined. It’s not to say that there isn’t a moment of disappointment to receive the email saying “Thank you for your submission, however we don’t think this is the right fit for our audience.” But after 10 minutes in my self-pity, I tried another site, because I knew in my heart that this was a post that was going to mean something to a lot of women. So I tried again. And I tried again.

I just needed to get in alignment with the perfect audience on the perfect site because I believed in the message I wanted to put out to the world. And that’s exactly what happened.

seetheworldSo let me tell you from experience, that theNo’s are there to help keep you in the right direction, not to stop you. If you really believe in something, there is a reason for it, so don’t lose faith because of two simple letters.

Instead, dig in to ask what they are there to show you. Let go of the need to attach personal insult to it, and be thankful for what is becoming more clear and aligned for you instead.

This week, listen for the word No, and pay attention!

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