Walking the Line – Working with Fears and Beliefs

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time tuning in to what I really want and trying to live within my own personal integrity. I’ve been checking in and differentiating between what I think I’ve been conditioned to want, and what truly lights me up and makes me feel sincere. Observing how my body is reacting, practicing regular meditation, and asking questions are just a few of the ways that I’ve been doing this.

Lately, this questioning has brought along a new set of ideas and questions. There are certain areas of my life that I have realized I’m not pursuing by telling myself that it’s not what I want or who I am. But now I wonder how accurate that is or if I have just been telling myself that for so long that I’ve started to believe that now. Am I just attached to the belief, all because I’m just afraid to pursue it?

It’s a fine line between what you really want or don’t want, and what you are not pursuing because of fear.

For years people have been telling me that I should offer my coaching services to businesses and corporations. There are a lot of coaches who contract out their services and work with employees to help develop them in their careers within the organization. Given the scope of my work, it would seem quite feasible as the next step for me to investigate However, I have always said since starting my practice that I started this so that I could work with individuals and keep it on a more personal level. I can’t help but think that I left the corporate world for a reason, and even the word leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have been telling myself and others that I don’t want to go that route again in an effort to stay independent and uphold my integrity, even if it would help me grow my business and allow me to work with more people.

I have always felt happy and confident with this decision and without questioning it, I could remain happy for a long time.

But what if we did question these ideas? Would that change things or open up new possibilities? Am I really not pursuing this because of some strong belief about what being in a corporate environment means? Or is there some element of fear that is really holding me back?

When I began questioning this belief, it opened up a whole new realm of possibilities and I started to see that the belief I’ve held onto for so long might not be true at all.

Are there any areas in your life where you are walking this fine line?

Questions to ask yourself to reconsider your belief;

1. Is it true? (Caveat: this is Q1 from Byron Katie’s “The Work”. Since I first read it, this has been my number 1 go to question for many things)
2. Do I fully believe this idea?
3. Is there a way that I can change this belief I have to allow me to pursue this while still being true to my integrity?
4. What would it feel like if I did this and was immensely successful at it?

We get so good at telling ourselves we don’t want something, that we can actually start to believe it. By tuning in and asking a few questions, the truth reveals itself and we begin to see that we may have actually been holding ourselves back with these little white lies.

So I encourage you now, take a look and ask yourself, where are you holding yourself back by buying into some belief that is deeply rooted in fear? How many compromises have you made? What would it feel like you if you finally did this?

It’s a fine line between staying in integrity and staying in fear, so be careful that you don’t slip.