Growing up, I had a cross-stitched picture hanging in my bedroom. It read; “Please be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.”

patientI was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about my journey into coaching and where my life was headed, and it made me think of that picture in my bedroom as a little girl.

I realized the path that I am on is constantly evolving and changing and the only difference between now and a year ago is that I’m now so much more open to new opportunities and grasping them, as opposed to freezing or fleeing from them.

The truth is, we are all constantly changing and evolving. The interests, perspectives and ideas you had even just last month could have shifted.

Who you were 5 years ago, may not be who you are today.

Knowing that we are never whole or complete can leave a lot of people really uneasy. But it can also be incredibly freeing as well.

For me, it gave me the courage to live my life more fearlessly and feel confident in making more bold choices.

What you choose to do today is not the ending. It doesn’t need to define who you are or where you will end up. Tomorrow you could meet someone new that can completely shift the direction you thought you were going in your life. Or you could read an article or post that teaches you about a whole new ideology that you never knew existed which could bring you down an entirely new path.

Typically people that experience a traumatizing event are quick to notice and become fully conscious of the effect this has on their life. They can differentiate who they were before the incident vs. who they were after and how it changed them.

However most of us may not have that life event to provide us a definitive timeline or knowingness of how different we are. It’s a slow evolution and we don’t even know it’s happening.

I think it’s so important to be aware of and open to the fact that we are all constantly in a state of influx and that nothing around us or within us is ever the same. It may even give us some peace to know that we are all changing and evolving as we go through our lives. Even our close friends and family are growing and changing. No one has got it all figured out.

So the next time you are feeling stifled or frustrated with yourself and you feel as though you aren’t where you wanted to be, remember, Please Be Patient, God isn’t finished with you yet either.

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