My Real Life Struggle

Embrace It All – My Real Life Struggle


move past struggleThings show up for us as subtle reminders from the Universe about what we need to deal with. Lately, the message I’ve been receiving is surrounding weight loss. Whether I turn on the TV to infomercials about a new exercise, read blog posts about the latest diet, or take notice the conversations I’ve been having with people, the message is clear and it’s everywhere.

Weight isn’t something that I openly talk about, nor something that I would consider an overwhelming struggle. I’m not one of those people that always struggled with my weight; in fact, it was quite the opposite. Up until the age of 21, I was a size zero (yes, it’s true, don’t hate), and dealt with a different world of struggles. I remember going to the health food store asking for supplements that would help me gain weight so my body would no longer resemble that of an 8-year-old boy.

Fast-forward 10 years, when all of that started changing for me. It was tough to handle, and frankly still is. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing about it here. It began with the freshman 15 and eventually plateaued somewhere around the senior 30-something (is that even a thing?).

I wouldn’t classify myself as overweight, in fact, by the scales I’m probably not far off the target, but for me, it’s about 20 too many.

Like everyone that deals with their own struggles, I go through the rollercoaster of emotions from acceptance and self-love, to resentment and frustration. One day on a high of positive affirmations, the next day overhearing the voices from my monkey brain.

I was speaking with someone last week that talked about her journey to wellbeing and said; “I’ve never really been athletic.”

It got me thinking; it’s along the same lines as the person that says; “I can’t diet.”

Let me be the first to tell you that is simply NOT true. You can do anything and change anything if you want to. That’s the kicker, though; it’s only IF you want to.

To say that you can’t do something or tell yourself the story of who you “are” only keeps us in the same state. We can’t change if we don’t admit that we are capable of it. (And we are capable of everything!)

To commit to a change means that you no longer believe the story of the identity to which you were attached.


But here’s the most important part to all of this. Find what feels good to you AND what keeps you in alignment with the change you are trying to make. It’s about the lifestyle and the choices you make that support that way of life. It’s not about the trendy diet or exercise fad that is on TV today.

I came across this blog post last week that ignited something in me; From the Rink to the Mat: A Curvy Girl’s Path to Yoga.

The writer talks about how the parts of moving her body, trying new things, closing her eyes and just feeling, fell away to the diets, gym, and training. She lost her sense of self during her rigorous training routines, but eventually found it again on the Yoga mat.

I immediately connected with her story and considered all of the hard-core exercises I could be doing but don’t because of my desire to stay connected with my true self. When I’m running, I’m not connected to myself, but when I step my feet onto a yoga mat, and I close my eyes, I literally get chills up my spine. That is where I feel me at my best. This is where I am connected.

It may not offer me all of the cardio and strength training that I need (although yes, Yoga does offer that, it’s not typically the Yoga that I practice) but it’s what makes ME feel good. In that moment, I love myself and my body.

listen to your truth move past struggle

Whatever you are struggling with today, I encourage you to pay attention to what you can do that keeps you in alignment with where you want to be, while honouring your truth and what feels good, better yet, great, to you. Let go of those nasty should’s and find out what gives you chills up your spine.

No matter if it’s weight, relationships, career, or just all around motivation, find what you love and find a way to practice more of that.

Now I’m going to take my extra 20 pounds, and hop to the mat.

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