trust-yourself-quote-e1439307182858The other day I had a client make me cry. We ended our call, and I just felt so overwhelmed with emotion that I started crying. And no, it’s not because she was horrible and mean. And it’s also not because I felt sad or upset for her. It was because I was so inspired by her. Her story and journey literally moved me to tears.

This client has committed to living her life for her. She made the decisions and is taking action. In my opinion, she was doing all the right things to follow her heart. She decided she didn’t want to wait to live her life any longer and she couldn’t deal with settling. She was making a move, both literally and figuratively. And she was leaving in less than a week.

As women, we are givers and nurture by nature, so to take big action like this and make a bold move to serve ourselves, takes guts. But it can also generate a lot of concern and judgment from those around us. Although their questioning is usually well-intentioned, that is when I feel that we begin to question our motivation and ourselves and the doubt begins to flood in. We wonder if we are really doing the right thing and whether or not we are being selfish. We lose sight of our true feelings.

My yoga mentor always says, “Do what feels good” and I like to follow that mantra. It’s not always about following the rules and conforming to the perfect “posture” or the perfect “life”.

While their concerns may be legitimate, and you may want to take some time to help those around you to understand your choices, just remember that after all, they are your choices.

At the end of our call, my client asked, “how did you get so smart?” and my only response was “Really, you did all the work. You knew all of the answers. You just needed help getting clear with them.”

That’s the whole point, isn’t it? We are all smarter than we give ourselves credit for. We know ourselves better than anyone. We all have the answers and the intuition. Sometimes it just helps to know that there is someone out there that gets it and helps you to turn off the outside noise and racket.
This is why I do what I do. This is my why. I love that I can witness someone realize their truth and help them to see how courageous and strong they really are.

I am so grateful that this work also helps me in looking inward at some of my own truths too.

If you find yourself wondering what your next step it, I suggest you doubt yourself less and trust your inner guidance.

You hold so much wisdom and infinite power. Don’t hold yourself back. Just close your eyes and listen to your own truth.

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