intergrityIntegrity defined is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is that sweet spot where you values meet your actions.

Integrity is about making the right choices at all times, and not just when it is convenient.

A couple of weeks ago I had someone no show a business meeting we had scheduled. They called me two hours later, apologized, asked to reschedule for the following day, and missed that follow up too.

Society has allowed us to justify our actions through the art of being busy. As we if now tolerate a lack of integrity so long as it is justified.

However, that is the exact opposite of integrity.

We must pay attention to who we are and what we say we are going to do all of the time. Not just when it’s convenient.

Be direct, be truthful, and hold your word with value.

Our values are our building blocks and they make up who we are at our core. Once we start to sacrifice them through justification and rationalizing, and we start to sacrifice parts of ourselves.

Not owning up to it or recognizing a lack of integrity, will eat away at our own happiness and self-respect.

To act with integrity does not mean that you need to be pleasing and say what you think others want to hear either. Authenticity plays a part here as well, and you must be honest with yourself, or the whole integrity act is blown.

We all make mistakes or choices that we would prefer we hadn’t. Your inner voice will tell you when this is happening. What you do with that information now, is what is important.

So I invite you to stop and take a look around the different areas of your life. Look at your relationships, your career, and your family and friendships. Do those people and events support you at your highest level of integrity? If not, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate or realign so that you can be the person that you set out to be and do what you say.

Because nothing is worth giving up your integrity for.

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