Just For Today – Principles For Successful Resolutions

Just for today

Just breathe in and out and remember that moving forward means taking it one step at a time.


The start of a new year brings along a whole gamut of emotions. Hope, inspiration, possibilities, courage, just to name a few.

And with this newfound enthusiasm comes the rush of intense optimism for what we want to create for the year ahead.

We’ve got 365 days, let’s make ‘em count!

So by now, most of us have created some resolution for what we want in 2017. We have probably also already been confronted by some challenges that had us doubting ourselves.

No matter how enthusiastic we are – waking up on January 1st committing to a New Years Resolution does not necessarily mean that you will know exactly how to get to where you want or how you will overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. It takes practice.

So, how about for 2017, instead of forcing these resolutions on ourselves, and getting overwhelmed or giving up, we consider a different direction. What if we shift our perspective from the end result, and look at the entire journey? What if we try and experience the process and accept the fact that there may not be an end at all?

There are a set of guidelines that are used in Reiki teachings that are said to help the psyche to focus and work with attitudes and emotions.

The Reiki Principles

Just for Today

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, be grateful

Just for today, be diligent and honest in your work

Just for today, be kind to all living things


What if we applied these principles to our goals and resolutions?

Just for today.

This idea of thinking only on today changes the focus and the span of time to the present, and it reduces the stress and barriers that can overwhelm us with the ‘big picture’ thinking.

Today focus only on what you can do today to keep yourself on your path to your goals and resolutions.

Take small steps each and every day that will bring you closer towards your commitment. Break the days down even smaller if it helps.

Just for today, consider that each action you take today is leading the way for tomorrow.

Do not worry.

Do not worry about what can happen, about slipping or about making a mistake. Focus on today only and on whatever actions you can take towards the commitment you have made to yourself.

Do not anger.

No matter what happens, do not get angry. Take responsibility for your happiness. Today is only today. Allow yourself permission to consider getting angry tomorrow, but for today only, be happy. Remember, anger is a conscious choice.

Be grateful.

Be grateful for your choice and commitment to yourself. Be grateful for the body you have that is supporting your goal, the mind you have to make the change, and the heart to keep you going.

Be diligent and honest.

When it gets tough, and you want to throw in the towel, remember why you started this commitment. Think back to that enthusiastic belief on January 1st. Go back to that. Just for today.

Be kind to others.

Be kind to others on their journey and support them wherever they may be going. Be open to others trying to do the same for you.

Be kind to yourself.

So for today, can you try these principles on for size? See how they feel. I have been practicing these every day for over a year now. Do I slip sometimes? Absolutely! I am a human being after all. But the practice of reciting these to myself each and every day has played a significant role in my ability to ground myself, to let go of yesterday, and learn to be a lot present of the journey and practice of living.

So get out there and try to put these principles to work for you, even just for today.