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intention mantraHow to Take Control of Your Happiness | My Mantra Challenge

Do you ever pay attention to how you talk to yourself throughout the day?

Negative self-talk is prevalent in our society. Human beings have up to 60,000 thoughts in a day, and it is estimated that 80% of those are negative.

I notice through my coaching that this can be the biggest block that hold people back in achieving what they want.

Recently I finished an online 30-day yoga challenge, and in addition to the physical challenge of getting on the mat every day, the instructor added in the use of daily mantras.

Mantras, or affirmations, when used in this way, set an intention and when repeated throughout the day, plant the seed deep within our subconscious as a way to reframe our negative thoughts and patterns.

Mantras are used in the first person affirmative and declared as if they are already so.

Some examples of the mantras used in our challenge were;I am mantra

Instead of chasing the feeling that you want to have, mantras allow you the space to own it as a piece of you that already exists and realize that you already are that best version of yourself.

During my 30-day challenge experience, I recognized the incredible strength that can come from holding a specific mantra for an entire day. I no longer felt like I needed to chase what I wanted to experience. I am that feeling and it surrounds me.

I embody that feeling.

Now I challenge you to proclaim what you want as you already are. Say it out loud for an entire day.

I say challenge because like any reframe, it can be difficult to do at first. Saying negative things to ourselves; that’s easy. Saying positive affirming things to ourselves; that’s tough work and takes guts.

Can you feel the difference in yourself at the end of the day?

Now, can you try it for an entire month?

I am…

Finish the sentence.

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