I am not a religious person, but I do consider myself spiritual. I have always believed in a higher power and had an attraction to learn more about it, but it has only been in recent years I have really been able to tune into it and openly talk about it. 10 or even 5 years ago I never would have been talking about it, let alone writing a blog about it.

But as my feelings grew stronger to explore into this, I felt the need to address it more openly.

I recall many discussions with my dad over the years about what I believed in. My grandfather was an atheist and because I wasn’t a religious person in the traditional sense, I think there was a slight worry that I too would be believe in nothing.

Quite the contrary, I am open to all spiritual beliefs and I do very much believe in a higher power.

Call it the ‘Universe’, ‘God’, ‘Spirit’ or ‘Angels’; my belief is that there is a higher power that guides and supports us in our life.

Now, if spirituality makes you uncomfortable, I get it. I was there too. It’s a very personal thing for a lot of people, so if you are feeling itchy, perhaps you want to stop reading this now.

But if you are open, keep reading.

I recently heard an interesting analogy to the Queen Bee. Regardless of where the Queen Bee is in relation to the hive, the worker bee’s all know what is expected of them and are led by a divine knowing. Whether or not you believe that Bee’s are capable of reasoning and rationalizing, the fact is that they just simply be and do with what they know through intuition and divine knowing guiding them from their higher power (The Queen).

This can be considered a similar comparison to our higher power and us. I believe that within all of us is a divine knowing that guides us through our lives. The issue is when our thoughts create what we consider to be realities that throw us off path.

I recently listened to an audio recording from a Spiritual Healer, John Newton.

During the call he said; “Everything that surrounds us is created from potential, but it is our thoughts that make it real.”

I’ll leave you with that thought for a moment.

Got it?

It’s pretty intense when you really break that down, isn’t it?

We have the potential to make anything real. No matter how good or bad, it is you and your thoughts alone that make it real.

No, this doesn’t make you telekinetic but it does put you back in the driver’s seat of your life and give you a whole lot of power.

OK, so then what if we could change that? What if we stopped looking at what is showing up for us as “what is” the ultimate truth and our reality?

It is simply our thoughts that make it real, and one thing is for sure, we all have control over our own thoughts.

The point of all of this is that we are our own biggest limiting factors. We are standing in our own way by creating this story of our own reality.

Everything in life is limitless and possible and I believe we are gifted with infinite wisdom and knowledge when we tap into it. It is our own minds and thoughts that get in our own way and stop us from moving forward.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, the knowledge and confidence you need is there within you, you simply need to get out of the way to allow it to do what it needs to do.

So for the sake of your future self, Get Out Of The Way!

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