Forget Resolutions….Set your New Year Intentions

Happy New Year! Welcome, 2018!


With all of the excitement and the hustle and bustle that the New Year brings, I’m going to keep this message simple…. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart with the sincerest of meaning, I wish for you that 2018 is the best year yet of your whole entire life. I hope that you have the most amazing experiences and that you regularly encounter heartfelt joy that goes beyond all of your greatest expectations.


Therefore, instead of showering you with more ideas and incentives to help you with your goal setting and resolution tracking, I’ll leave you with one simple suggestion. Set yourself an intention for 2018. What is it that you want to accomplish, feel, or experience? Is it one word, or two or three? Is it a feeling? A phrase? One simple intention. Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper, fold it up, and leave it someplace special and close by. Refer to it often throughout the year and use it as your reference point for your goals and actions.


That’s it. Pretty simple, right? Maybe simplicity is the intention that you even set for yourself.


Take a deep breath in, release it out, and let’s move into 2018 with an open mind and an open heart.





My Intentions for 2018

My Intentions for 2018. What are yours?