conformity-is-the-jailer-of-freedom-and-e1433279125101Lately I have been getting calls and reading emails from people with advice as to how to improve my coaching business, and it’s really helped me to put it all back in perspective.

The thing is, everyone will have an opinion as to how you can be “better” or “more successful” in your life, but what works for everyone else might not work for you, and the beauty is, it doesn’t have to.

I respect and admire what others have done before us in their specialties and the success that it has brought them. And we can all learn from our predecessors, however I don’t believe that means doing exactly what they have done.

I truly believe that we all have something unique and distinct to offer. A gift. And we should honour that by being honest about our differences by doing what feels right for us, not what everyone else is doing.

If you are reading this, chances are you too know that you have something special, and you are tired of following the path laid out by others. You are ready to break the mould and do something exceptional with your life. You want to be recognized for your individuality, not for sticking with the masses.

createyourownpathOver the last week I’ve been challenged with this myself and even wondered if it would just be easier to do what everyone else is doing or telling me to do, but that would defeat the whole point of this and what I’ve spent the last year of my life working on.

So instead, I’m going to keep doing what feels right for me and follow what feels good and brings me joy.

After all, as simple as it sounds, that’s the whole point of this life, isn’t it?

So as we all continue on in this journey to discover our course, stay awake to what feels good to you and what doesn’t and don’t be afraid to build your own path.

Consider that maybe the world was just waiting for you to do it first.

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