At a Crossroads? Here are 4 Questions that may help.

Thinking of giving up, starting over, or changing direction?


crossroadsSometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads.

It’s the point that comes when you start to question the direction that you are on, and wonder if you are still on the right track.

Something called you down this path, so you began to explore it, and it felt good for a while, fulfilling, even thrilling. However, at some point, something shifted, and now you are left wondering if this is still the right path for you.

This is when the question comes up; “Should I give up, start over, or change direction entirely.”

This is the same time that your brain most likely starts doing gymnastics and everything you thought you knew gets turned on its head, and you begin to doubt yourself and your decision making.


If you change your mind now, you can’t help but wonder if it was the wrong choice from the beginning. What other bad judgments are you capable of making?

Then comes the inner voice to replay the story of who you think you are and remind you of your ‘always’ and ‘never’s.’

“You always sabotage yourself.’

“You always give up too quickly.”

“You never see things through to the end.”

Do any of those statements sound familiar?

Sometimes we get so attached to the outcome and the ending that we lose sight of why we started in the first place.

What if we focused instead on the journey, and understood that nothing is ever going to be permanent and that change is not only okay but also necessary for development and growth in our life.

Martha Beck refers to it as a game of warmer, colder. When we continuously flow through life looking for what gets us closer to our joy.

Instead of looking at your directional change as giving up, or living into your always and never story, can you look at it as an evolution that is getting you closer to your purpose?

Can you give yourself a break from all of the meaning you want to weigh it down with, and instead just focus on why this will bring you closer to your joy?

Here are a few questions to help you explore your choices.

What is compelling you to want to make this move? Why must this be done?
What will happen if you don’t make this move? How will your life be the same or different?
How does this change bring you closer to your destiny?
What are you reaching toward? What are you trying to get away from?

Hoping this helps on your journey, and remember, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Getting warmer….